Pure Fishing: An Honest Review from Japanese Anglers

For anglers, finding reliable fishing gear is crucial. Among the many brands in the market, Pure Fishing stands out as a global leader with a significant market share. In this article, we will explore the allure of Pure Fishing from the perspective of Japanese anglers. We will delve into their estimated global share, popularity in Japan, representative brands, and the author's personal impressions, providing you with a wealth of intriguing information.

Pure Fishing's Global Dominance: What is their Remarkable Market Share?

Headquartered in the United States, Pure Fishing is a fishing tackle manufacturer beloved by anglers worldwide. Their estimated global share of around 20% places them at the top of the industry.

In Japan, Pure Fishing has a subsidiary called Pure Fishing Japan, making it a familiar name to Japanese anglers as well. Brands under the Pure Fishing umbrella, such as Abu Garcia, Berkley, and Fenwick, are frequently seen in Japanese fishing tackle stores.

Reasons for its Popularity in Japan: The Allure of Pure Fishing

1. Excellent Cost Performance

Pure Fishing products are renowned for their outstanding cost performance. Notably, even their low-priced spinning reels come with spare spools, offering a multitude of benefits that delight users.

2. Overwhelming Design

Pure Fishing products prioritize not only functionality but also design. The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reel, in particular, is a cool masterpiece that combines a retro vibe with modern functionality.

¥29,630 (2024/04/11 19:59時点 | 楽天市場調べ)

3. Product Lineup that Meets Niche Needs

Another appealing aspect of Pure Fishing is its product lineup that caters to niche needs, which larger manufacturers like Daiwa and Shimano may not address. For instance, the bait reel Roxani Power Shooter boasts a large line capacity and allows for powerful fights at an affordable price.

¥21,120 (2024/04/11 20:09時点 | 楽天市場調べ)

4. Pioneer of Scented Worms

Pure Fishing is also recognized as the pioneer of scented worms. The Gulp! series is a staple worm beloved by anglers worldwide.

¥1,188 (2024/04/11 20:04時点 | 楽天市場調べ)

Honest Review: Merits and Demerits of Pure Fishing Products


  • Excellent cost performance
  • Overwhelming design
  • Product lineup that meets niche needs
  • Pioneer of scented worms


  • Reel performance slightly inferior to Daiwa and Shimano
  • Rod design may be a matter of preference ※1)
  • Maintenance system less than Daiwa and Shimano

※1)I prefer the Zoom Safari blanks without the colors. They look cheap with all the colors.

¥10,399 (2024/04/11 20:15時点 | 楽天市場調べ)

Pure Fishing from the Perspective of Japanese Anglers: Overall Evaluation

Having used Pure Fishing products for many years, the author can confidently attest to their appeal. They are a manufacturer with numerous strengths, including cost performance, design, and a product lineup that caters to niche needs.

Of course, there are also challenges such as reel performance and maintenance system. However, overall, Pure Fishing is a fishing tackle manufacturer that can undoubtedly be recommended.

Why not try Pure Fishing products?

If you haven't already tried Pure Fishing products, which are highly popular among anglers worldwide, I highly recommend giving them a go. You're sure to be satisfied with their cost performance, design, functionality, and various other aspects.


This article thoroughly explored the allure of Pure Fishing from the perspective of Japanese anglers. We provided a wealth of intriguing information for American anglers, including their global share, popularity in Japan, representative brands, and the author's personal impressions.

We hope you will consider trying Pure Fishing products based on the information provided in this article.